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Let’s talk about “Super Smash Bro" to be precises about "Zero Suit Samus" it seems a lot of people are pissed or mad about the design or the ( HEELS ) first “Samus" is still a BADASS bounty hunter and it is normal that her character design goes through changes and for the better.

Nintendo" used "Metroid Other M" design which is the far best so far.

  • what you said bust size ? I think her bust size is not over sexual it is just perfect ( her bust does not defy all human logic that just a healthy woman design ).
  • Heels ? Well the heels is a cool feminine touch if they gave her a flat boots like “Sonic" people we will STILL F*CKING COMPLAIN ( I know heels are not designed for combat and a lot of characters uses heels in combat for example the “Demon Hunter" in "Diablo 3" ).
  • If “Nintendo" wanted to sexualize they would return the character to her roots and i do not remember people complains about it ! ( yes I am talking about “Bikini Zero Suit" )

"Samus" is still a BADASS bounty hunter but underneath that flawless armor a human being.

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